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保基香港有限公司专业生产各式刹车盘和刹车鼓,用于售后市场。 我们是北美汽车售后市场工业协会 (AAIA) 会员,也是香港汽车零部件协会(HKAPIA)会员。
P Hui & Co Ltd is an experienced manufacturer/exporter of Brake Rotors/Drums for aftermarket. We are now members of Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA) of North America and Hong Kong Auto Part Industry Association (HKAPIA).

For the production of brake rotors and drums, there are more than 100 machines, including lathe, milling, grinding (inner and outer), plane and drilling, numerical-control milling, grinding and drilling, punching, argon arc welding and plasma cutting, hydraulic swing beam shear, hydraulic press, bending steel-pipe, electric discharge wire-cutting and thread-rolling and forging.

Products will be well controlled with advanced testing equipments and tools, including tensile tester, hardness scale, height/length/roundness tester, balance tester, metallurgical analysis instrument, optical measurement instrument etc. The tests are controlled under various international standards.

We can develop new rotors/drums with buyer's drawings and/or samples. At present, about 1000 brake rotors/drums have been developed and production capacity is over 500,000 pieces annually.
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